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Our unique selling points

  • In a beautiful setting
  • Away from your daily struggle
  • Not in a big holiday park

A holiday in the heart of nature

A ruralhut is a refuge from the commerce and busyness of our everyday lives and can be seen as the most treasured retreat in the world. It is providing an outdoor experience that forms a welcome contrast to our daily lives. A ruralhut is a place where people celebrate life events, meet friends and introduce kids to the hills. It provides a base for fishing, mountainbiking, walking and relaxing in nature. Besides it is a fantastic place to enjoy a brew and discuss all the issues of the world deep into the night, or hole up with a book on a wet day. From cabin to lodge; ruralhuts can be palaces or just the pits! The best ones have a certain raffish style, a cocky endurance that sees through the starlight and storms. Our ruralhuts are the meeting place of an outdoor culture and are about the only tangible expression of it. That's why we say: ruralhuts aren't just about shelter...

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