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Are you also a proud owner of a ruralhut?

Then you are looking at a perfect opportunity. offers only the cottages that are actually a rural hut as well. Therefore we need to refuse new cottage owners on a daily bases, simply because we do not think these cottages are in line with our concept of a rural hut.

So what exactly is a ruralhut?

Good question! Our philosophy is that a rural hut is more than only a holiday cottage. The guest does not only rent the cottage, but also a stunning surrounding. In a rural hut you are in the middle of nature, away from the mass and your daily struggle. Is your holiday cottage situated in a beautiful area and not on one of the many holiday parks? If so, we would love to work with you.

What are the costs?

Also a very important point. is a portal on which you can advertise your holiday cottage. Because we are convinced that we can offer you results, we work with the concept 'no cure, no pay'. Meaning no reservations, no costs.

No startup costs, no yearly or even monthly commissions, but only a commission when Ruralhut delivers you a booking. In the fortunate case of a booking through Ruralhut, a commission of 12% (incl. tax) is asked over the net rental sum. In most of the cases this comes down to a 10% commission exclusive of tax.

How does it work?

You can apply your holiday cottage(s) here. We will first evaluate your application and contact you. If it is actually a rural hut, then we will start to work on making your cottage look at its best on our website!

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